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We took the kids to the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum in Winchester (on the pedestrian mall) last Thursday for our tribe time, and we had a blast. This place is so awesome, if you have kids, or like kids, or wanna play like one, go! Then, there's a great little Thai restaurant a few doors down, and a coffee shop a few doors down from that. Made for a nice full day, with some of my absolute favorite kiddos and favorite mommas!
Melanie & Takoda DinMelanie & Takoda DinMelanie & Takoda DinKozhin 'in the emergency room'Kozhin 'in the emergency room'Lucca awaiting treatmentMarcellita awaiting treatment (the emergency room was very busy!)Skyler chillin' in the wheelchairSkyler chillin' in the wheelchairKozhin contemplating his injuriesLucca collapsed after waiting too long for his treatment...MarcellaSkyler chillin' in the wheelchairshendiscmus-14shendiscmus-15Dr. Adobe administers to a patientKazha :)Crazy momma and T DinDramatic MarcellaMr. Adorable