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what a lovely sunny day we had for our shoot by sligo creek in takoma park! gabe & rye are adorable...

these are the masters - untouched. i've added in the edited versions of my favorite six that i posted on the blog ( as you're picking faves, don't worry about shadows & such - as you can see, that is easily dealt with in the editing process.

will repost full set with edits at full res once we have talked faves.

annefam - 001annefam - 002annefam - 003annefam - 004annefam - 005annefam - 006annefam - 007annefam - 008annefam - 009annefam - 010annefam - 011annefam - 012annefam - 013annefam - 014annefam - 015annefam - 016annefam - 017annefam - 018annefam - 019