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This is a custom calendar I designed for a client who wanted to present it as a gift to the family in the photos and other friends, using her photographs, poems, and favorite quotes. This was a very time-intensive project (upwards of 80 hours) and totally unique. I edited her images and designed each page, one by one, including the calendar grids, using some pre-designed graphic elements (background textures for example), GIFs that she sent me to incorporate, and some elements that were created in the computer by hand using a Bamboo pen. I worked with the client to refine the design to her liking, and then she did a short-run press, producing both vertical layouts for wall calendar and horizontal layouts for a book calendar.

First you have each individual page, in order, including the front cover and back cover. Then I put the vertical spreads (for wall calendar), and then the horizontal spreads (for book layout).

Let me know if you are interested in having a calendar custom-designed for you!