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the weather did not cooperate on the day we scheduled our shoot - cold & rainy ick outside. so we'll give it another go on a sunny day outdoors. here was our first go at it. this was fun because rebecca & i have known each other since we were children, and now she is about to have her first child.

these are my 1st edits of my faves from this session - almost none of these are perfect yet in my eyes. any print orders will get some additional tweeking. for example, a few of the b&w got a little too grainy, or there is some banding going on (vertical or horizontal lines). a few could be lightened up a bit more, and additional distracting elements removed. or, rebecca, you may decide you like a particular picture but want it with a different look or different cropping.

These have all been edited. A few of them will be further tweaked if ordered.

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