Here are the edited images from our lovely portrait session a few weekends ago. I got carried away and edited them all. Some of the images will require a bit further attention if they are to be used for a large print, like specific retouching for skin tones or shadows, etc. I included my rating system in the caption so you can see which are my faves.

The 'long story' has the 3-4-5 stars which are great for slideshow and small album prints; the 4- or 5-stars for larger print & featured work. The 'full story' has all of the images from the shoot once I whittled the set down a bit, and you can see those I chose in context of the set, similar images etc. Feel free to leave comments about which are your faves for the cards, wall portraits, etc., or just talk to me about it thru email or on the phone.

I'm still adding my custom offerings to the shop - let me know if you're looking for something you don't see.
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