It was a pleasure photographing your family, and I look forward to working with you to create some beautiful heirlooms!

Below are your galleries. I explained my rating system to you - 3 hearts are suitable for inclusion in an album, small prints, or a slideshow, 4 & 5 hearts are suitable as featured images & medium or large prints, and 5 hearts are especially recommended for large prints & specialty products. Of course, my choices may be different from yours! You'll see 3, 4, or 5 hearts below some of the images, under the file name. Top Picks has the images I rated with 5 hearts, Faves has the 3-5 hearts, and A Slice of the Luciers' Life has the full set of edited images from our shoot, to tell the 'story' of the session. Share the Love is the watermarked free download gallery; you will need the password I sent you.

Please contact me with any inquiries - prints are priced at a very affordable rate so they are accessible to everyone. Also, know that I honor client referrals; if I book a shoot as a result of a referral or association from any of you, you will receive print credit or a bonus product.

If you like what you see, please visit my FB photo biz page - I'm trying to build more 'likes' there, so stop by and give a thumbs-up! I'll be posting some of my faves from our session there so stop by & leave a comment!

VIEWING: Use Slideshow for full-screen viewing, and to switch back from viewing an individual image to large thumbnails, either use your back button, or click the gallery name in the link above. You can build Collections of your favorites, and more than one for various purposes, for example, one for a book you want to order, and one for large prints. You are able to share your Collections with me & others. When inquiring about an image, outside of actually ordering, please use the file number (i.e., Luciers-88), not the small thumbnail number. Thanks!

ORDERING: Images are sized to a max of 7x7 @ 300dpi to minimize upload/download time. If ordering larger prints and you see any message indicating insufficient file size, email me regarding the images and products you are interested in; larger files will receive individual attention to ensure maximum print quality and will be uploaded as needed.

Don't hesitate to contact me by phone or email with any questions.

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