Congratulation Sharon & Jack! What a beautiful ceremony. Wishing you blessings of happiness and health for many years to come.

I have included here the full set of edited images from your ceremony in 'the Whole Picture', a condensed set in 'Short Story', and my personal faves in 'Vignette'. Have a look through your galleries, build your set of favorites, then share with me, and we will go through them together to pick the images for your custom press-printed book.

If you are a friend or family member visiting these galleries, consider purchasing a gift of print credit for the newly married couple (select an image to 'buy' and then you can find that option in the shop). Also, know that I honor client referrals; if I book a shoot as a result of a referral or association with Sharon &/or Jack, they will receive bonus products. If you like what you see, please visit my FB photo biz page - . I'm trying to build more 'likes' there, so stop by and give a thumbs-up!

VIEWING: Use Slideshow for full-screen viewing, and to switch back from viewing an individual image to large thumbnails, either use your back button, or click the gallery in the 'breadcrumbs' link above. When inquiring about an image, outside of actually ordering, please use the file number (i.e., SharonJackWed-88), not the small thumbnail number. Thanks!

ORDERING: Images are sized to a max of 7x7 @ 300dpi to minimize upload/download time. If ordering larger prints, ignore any message indicating insufficient file size. Larger prints will receive further individual attention to ensure maximum print quality and the full-size files will be uploaded as needed.

I look forward to presenting you with your beautiful heirlooms!

With Love,
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