Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images.

You are such a lovely family!

This set is your downloads, sufficient for printing your own 4x6s. You can of course order those through me as well and if you are ordering a set, the price is greatly discounted. The quality is definitely better and more reliable than Costco, Target, or the like. There are also lovely custom photo-printed image boxes to hold a set of album prints.

I will upload another gallery of larger files (takes much longer to upload - hours) for ordering medium and large prints from. My rating system which you will see captioned below the images - 3 stars are suitable for inclusion in the whole 'story' of the shoot - the slideshow, some in books, and for small album prints. 4 stars are also suitable for small-medium prints (or even large) and features in books. 5 stars are the best, and those that have received the most attention in editing (and will receive additional if needed when ordering) and are especially suited for large prints.

I will provide another watermarked set for sharing online. You can also share from your gallery to Facebook and other places which will bring people to your gallery.

I am also uploading two other galleries. This first, full set (200 images) is titled Novella, and intended to tell the whole story of our shoot - a little peek into the life of the Engels. The other galleries will be Ode - a shorter version of the story, comprised of the 4 and 5 stars; and Vignette - my absolute favorite pics, the 5 stars, suitable for large wall prints. I consider 8x10s small - when I say large, I mean 2'x2' or larger.

Give me feedback! Hope you love them. If there are any images you want removed from the gallery, let me know.

Don't forget what I told you about building collections, and let me know if you have any questions about products, ordering, or navigating the site.

Thanks for allowing me to bear witness to the love in your family on such a beautiful day! So great to see you all grown up. ;)