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Adobe, Amman, & Logan took the first class together, How To Be A Green Builder, which was awesome.... They got to build a small but full-scale ‘house’. (It was more the size of a shed, and Adobe has been bugging us for months to build her a ‘playhouse’ pretty much just like this in the back yard.) Part of the floor was down already, showing different possibilities for floor materials - cork, carpet made from recycled materials (is that right kids?), and bamboo. Then they laid the rest of the sub-flooring, which was just plywood that they screwed down. I think this was Adobe’s first real experience using a screwgun.

The kids were divided into four teams, and each team then raised one of the four walls(which were pre-fabricated to save time), and then they worked together to secure them in place. They discusses various types of insulation (which you can see in #9) and the advantages and disadvantages of each, and then put up the siding. Everyone was very serious. :) Next came the roof frame, the roof, and the porch, complete with a water catchment system. The teachers were really great with the kids, and I think they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The next class, City By Design, we had heard great things about. Adobe & Amman both took this one - Logan had taken it the year before. I missed a good portion because Phoenix was dying to go into the gift shop. We came in for about the last half-hour of the class. Phoenix made a building - the Bat Motel - that I think I neglected to get a picture of. The teacher for this class was not so great, in fact she annoyed Gelila and I a bit as she kept interspersing with her ‘instructional language’ to the kids, “Keep your mouth shut.” It was obnoxious actually. Oh well. The kids enjoyed it I think, despite her.

Then Phoenix and Adobe played in the younger kids’ section for awhile afterward, and we were out. If you view the images large or play the slideshow, you will see some captions under some of the pictures.