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passion flower Ordering:

I prefer to give a personal touch to every client order.  If you need any help at all, I'm happy to assist you by phone - I'd love to discuss with you what best suits your needs.  I know the options here can be a bit overwhelming.  If you receive a message saying contact the photographer about shipping, let me know, but proceed with your order.  When the shipping costs are minimal, I will just absorb the cost.  Also, in general, please let me know if you are having any difficulty or come across any quirks while shopping here.

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to your options for photographic art - I couldn't possibly display them all here - and updating the shopping cart is an ongoing process.  This shop is automatically populated with some items from one of the pro labs I work with, but I also use three other pro labs for my offerings, and do some of my own printing and mounting as well. Every order receives my personal time and attention, and almost every single order comes through my hands before making its way to you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in traditionally framed prints,  choose the print option that is capitalized & not bold type face.  For example - 8" x 12" Standard Print, or 16" x 20" Very Large Print.  (The options that are bold-faced and lower case - like 12" x 18" mounted on matboard - are my custom products, and you will not see a framing option with those.)  I have a broad selection of beautiful frames available, and choosing the capitalized options will allow you to preview your image in the cart & see how it looks in the different frames.  Matting is also available with your framed print, but for some reason, that option is not appearing in the cart at the moment, so let me know if that is what you would like, and I can place the order directly.  I also have several great alternatives for pieces that are ready to hang without framing, such as canvas, metal prints, acrylic prints, standouts, and prints mounted on bamboo.  

In addition to everything you see available here, I also offer custom-designed iPad & iPhone cases complete with your image of choice, wall clings, package discounts, beautiful image boxes to protect your prints, a variety of cards, and many many options of books, from as small as 2.5" x 4" with 10 images, to spiral-bound 4x6 sets, to large unique-to-you albums with hundreds of images. And more.... If you don't see it, just ask!  I'm continually striving to offer new & exciting products to my selection. 

More details coming soon.....

Please note, prices are subject to change at any time. 


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Your Story - Photojournalism With Artistic Flair

You want stunning, heirloom-quality imagery that conveys your story artfully? You’ve found it! Our passion is opening a window into your amazing journey, infused with light & love. Creative, sensitive coverage by 1 or 2 photographers, beautifully edited images, & boundless customized offerings for you.

I'm available to shoot weddings, lifestyle portraits, parties, corporate events, performances, sports, graduations, fine art, products, bands, or anything else you need!  Just ask!  I also occasionally shoot editorial work for local news organizations, including and, and have a large library of stock images available, so if you are looking for something specific let me know.  (Studio work is not really my thing, but I can refer you to a great studio photographer if that's what you're looking for.)

Wedding coverage generally starts at a minimum of $2000, with most weddings starting at $2500, and includes:

  • an engagement session
  • wedding rehearsal
  • 2 photographers on your wedding day
  • fully edited galleries, with attention to detail, typically available approximately 2-4 weeks after the wedding
  • an online slideshow
  • watermarked files for sharing with guests and on Facebook
  • a disc of unmarked images for the newlyweds, sufficient for printing your own 4x6s (photographer always retains full copyright to images and permission for printing is granted to the married couple only)
  • an ordering session to go over the full array of product options in my shop, with boundless customized offerings for you - draw on my skills as a fine artist to create your unique family heirlooms!

Pricing depends on your particular needs - each wedding is a work of art in & of itself.  There is an expected minimum heirloom investment of $750. If you look around the portfolio, you will see that I am an adept photographer who will put my heart & soul into your wedding coverage.  My husband typically is my second shooter, and we compliment each other well in documenting all the special moments of your day, then I do all the back-end work - processing, editing, and handling your orders.  I have photographed nine weddings so far, and I am really excited to help more couples tell the story of their union, as I absolutely love shooting events like weddings where emotions are high, everyone is so happy and looking their best, and two people are at a major turning point in their lives, moving forward together into the future.  I assure that you will be thrilled if you give me the honor of working with you on your special day.  My style in shooting is primarily photojournalistic, making sure to chronicle all the special moments, get plenty of candids, and yet do a little directing when necessary (my background in performing arts helps with that).  Then I apply a special artistic touch to your images for a unique feel and style.

Portrait sessions generally start at $350 and include

  • a small book of favorites from the session,
  • an online gallery of your images,
  • a slideshow of faves to share online,
  • an ordering session, in-person (preferable) or on phone - about one hour,
  • and a download of digital files sufficient for making your own prints up to 5x7s.  

There is an expected minimum heirloom investment of $150.  Sessions last approximately an hour or two, depending partly on the number of people.  (See 'my style'.)  Mini sessions are available for $150 and require a minimum $50 purchase.

I request a 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve your date, with the remainder of the session fee due one week before the wedding, or the day of the shoot for portraits and events.  For portrait sessions, product investment can range from $150 to $1500 or more.

For most events, I generally base my price on a rate of $150 per event hour, pro-rating to $75 for any portion of a half hour over 10 minutes.  This includes one to two hours of editing for each hour of shooting (general corrections and refinement without some special touches).  Additional editing is usually billed at $60/hr.

Rates for fine art or product photography are decided on a case-by-case basis.  Additional fees may apply in cases where image usage is other than personal.

It's important to me to make the images accessible to you and keep the print prices very reasonable.  Keep in mind that the reason it is more expensive to print through your photographer than it would be if you had the images printed on your own is because you are paying for the photographer's artistry, expertise, time, and attention to detail, not to mention quality of print services.  There is alot of work 'behind the scenes' (on the computer) beyond the day of the shoot to present you with the perfect pictures.  As I said, typically, for portraits or special event type coverage, I spend two hours editing for every hour of shooting - and that is for the initial presentation.  For weddings, the editing time is far more.  Then more time goes into creation of your custom works of art, be it an album, an image case, a gorgeous canvas spread, or some other heirloom.  Plus, there are many other costs that the independent  photographer is absorbing, such as equipment costs, equipment maintenance and repair, taxes, insurance (for health, car, and equipment), cost of space and utilities, transportation, and so on.

I also do graphic design and light website design (no coding) that is artistic and visually appealing.  For examples, see my custom calendars, books, and cards, my arts & education site BoundlessEclectic.Org and my fine art site BoundlessCreativity.Org both designed from scratch (art site soon to be updated) - or click here for links to other sites).

Your end-product possibilities are virtually endless, and I like to get you thinking about your options before the shoot so that I can keep in mind while shooting if you are looking for something like a really large wall canvas, or a custom-made book.

I'm also happy to edit your own photographs for you.  If you've taken great pics of your family that need an expert's touch, let me know.  Maybe you want to have them made into a movie slideshow with favorite music as a gift to a loved one, or to have a custom book or calendar created, complete with a story.  I also edit video, so if you have family video footage, that could be incorporated.

I know that you can do books, calendars, etc. on your own through Snapfish, Shutterfly, Kodak, and those types of services, but the difference in quality is remarkable when you're working with an artist who creates a custom piece for you, printed through a pro lab, rather than using unedited images in a template that the masses use, printed through a consumer lab.  
The rate for this service is $60/hr, plus the product sale cost.  

Think heirlooms!  (Visit the 'my style' section for more on that...)  
Invest in your family memories!


My Style

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My Style:

This is the way I look at things:

Giving thanks to the invention of the photograph...
As the old saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words..."

One of the things that continues to enamor me with photography is the ability to eternalize a special moment.  If it was a moment in your own life, you see the photograph, and instantly you are transported back to that time and place - sometimes other senses come flooding in, and you can feel it all over again.  The photograph holds a key to the memory banks, a fleeting moment which felt like it may last forever, but more often than not has faded with time.

All that being said, especially with my root in fine arts, I am a storyteller at heart.  My passion in portraiture is documenting real people and real life, bearing witness to spontaneous moments infused with light and love.  It is the essence, not the facade, that interests me.  You are beautiful just the way you are, and it is my job to portray a reflection of that beauty.      

I prefer working with natural light whenever possible but will supplement when necessary.  I also prefer to capture the natural unfoldment of a scenario rather than staging one - thus the term 'lifestyle portraiture' - although I will give some direction if it seems necessary.  With wedding coverage, I work with the bride and groom ahead of time to make sure we are on the same page about how the day will be documented.  When doing a portrait session, whether it's a family, individual, or child, this usually involves 'hanging out' together for an hour or two, giving you a chance to get really relaxed in front of the camera, talking, moving about, interacting with each other and/or me in a natural and fun way.   

Typically I like to shoot on location in a place that has some meaning for you, maybe a place that holds special memories, or just a place that you find really beautiful.  If you don't have a place in mind, I'm happy to suggest some ideas.  The DC area is absolutely full of lovely spots.

I'll snap a copious amount of images, then distill it down to a broad set that tells the whole story of the shoot, and a set of my faves, a few of which I'll choose for initial edits so that you can see the difference between a 'master' image and one with an artistic touch.  From there, you choose your favorites, and we work together to develop your custom print package, so that ideally you come away from the deal with family heirlooms that can be shared with generations to come.

In this digital age, it is my goal to get images off the screen and into your hands, onto your walls, your shelves, your desks, etc.  I am forever thankful for the innovations of the electronic world, but I think it's so important to maintain a relationship with art that we can hold close, touch, breathe on.... It impacts our hearts in a different way, and I believe in the healing and transformative power of the photograph, the ability to deepen our love for ourselves and others.

What will our children and our children's children do with all of these digital files when the technology revolutionizes again, as it's sure to do?  I dare say many of our beloved family memories may then be 'gone with the wind'.

Thus, my emphasis on the lost tradition of heirlooms.  I am here to help you create yours.

You are BOUNDLESS.  Be your best.  Love who you are.

For more on style, see 'inspiration'.


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My love affair with photography began when I was a child... with taking pictures of things that captured my eye or caught my breath - a ray of light, a shadow, an abandoned man-made object in a state of deterioration, anything in the process of decay, patterns in nature, textures, symbols of our mortality, metaphors for the passage of time, beautiful representations of life's wonder, and so on... When taking pictures of people, I always appreciated the beauty of the moment and enjoyed catching them just be-ing, doing whatever they were doing. I'd always cringe inside when I went to take a picture of someone and they'd stop, pose, & smile for the camera. It is the essence, not the facade, that interests me.

As an artist, my work deals loosely with the cycles of birth, life and death, which encompass human perceptions of time and space, ‘life story’, imagination, and consciousness of the world around us and the people with whom we interact. Every person lives a journey - some story that takes them from being born some time, some place, to dying some time, some place. In a sense, my work is an ongoing ingestion and digestion of everyday realities, of my experiences & memories - both recent & distant. It is the human experience and the wonder of the natural world that feeds my work more than anything else. As a fine artist, I express stories through visual metaphor. As a documentarian, it is the moment, or collection of moments - seemingly frozen in time - which speaks volumes. It is my role to bear witness and express what I see through these eyes, in the form of beautiful photographic art.

I am all about bringing back keepsakes and family heirlooms. Especially in this digital age, when everyone has a point-&-shoot or a camera phone, I think printed photographs are really important. We all (myself included) have hundreds and thousands of pictures that live in our computers, and we rarely see them other than as a flash on the screen from time to time. There is something to be said for an image that is tangible, right there in front of you, that you can linger upon, hold, & touch. I read recently that looking at photographs of loved ones can be a healing experience, especially if they are far away or no longer with you. No surprise there - how could a rush of love not be healing, even if it's mingled with pain? And even if it's someone you see every day - people change, all of us, (if you have kids, you know it happens so fast) and there is something really special about being able to remember someone just as they were at a certain moment in time. You see a photograph, and memories and even other senses come flooding back.

As an artist, I share with you a bit of my story & the beauty I find in life. As your photographer, I help you tell your story. The way I see it, I don't capture the moment, I set it free, so that it can live on, for a lifetime, or more...

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