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My Style:

This is the way I look at things:

Giving thanks to the invention of the photograph...
As the old saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words..."

One of the things that continues to enamor me with photography is the ability to eternalize a special moment.  If it was a moment in your own life, you see the photograph, and instantly you are transported back to that time and place - sometimes other senses come flooding in, and you can feel it all over again.  The photograph holds a key to the memory banks, a fleeting moment which felt like it may last forever, but more often than not has faded with time.

All that being said, especially with my root in fine arts, I am a storyteller at heart.  My passion in portraiture is documenting real people and real life, bearing witness to spontaneous moments infused with light and love.  It is the essence, not the facade, that interests me.  You are beautiful just the way you are, and it is my job to portray a reflection of that beauty.      

I prefer working with natural light whenever possible but will supplement when necessary.  I also prefer to capture the natural unfoldment of a scenario rather than staging one - thus the term 'lifestyle portraiture' - although I will give some direction if it seems necessary.  With wedding coverage, I work with the bride and groom ahead of time to make sure we are on the same page about how the day will be documented.  When doing a portrait session, whether it's a family, individual, or child, this usually involves 'hanging out' together for an hour or two, giving you a chance to get really relaxed in front of the camera, talking, moving about, interacting with each other and/or me in a natural and fun way.   

Typically I like to shoot on location in a place that has some meaning for you, maybe a place that holds special memories, or just a place that you find really beautiful.  If you don't have a place in mind, I'm happy to suggest some ideas.  The DC area is absolutely full of lovely spots.

I'll snap a copious amount of images, then distill it down to a broad set that tells the whole story of the shoot, and a set of my faves, a few of which I'll choose for initial edits so that you can see the difference between a 'master' image and one with an artistic touch.  From there, you choose your favorites, and we work together to develop your custom print package, so that ideally you come away from the deal with family heirlooms that can be shared with generations to come.

In this digital age, it is my goal to get images off the screen and into your hands, onto your walls, your shelves, your desks, etc.  I am forever thankful for the innovations of the electronic world, but I think it's so important to maintain a relationship with art that we can hold close, touch, breathe on.... It impacts our hearts in a different way, and I believe in the healing and transformative power of the photograph, the ability to deepen our love for ourselves and others.

What will our children and our children's children do with all of these digital files when the technology revolutionizes again, as it's sure to do?  I dare say many of our beloved family memories may then be 'gone with the wind'.

Thus, my emphasis on the lost tradition of heirlooms.  I am here to help you create yours.

You are BOUNDLESS.  Be your best.  Love who you are.

For more on style, see 'inspiration'.


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